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New Visionfold and Handypack Machinery

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

- Increased Folding/Gluing Capacity

Perfect Finishing is proud and excited to announce the acquisition of four new pieces of machinery to add to our folding/gluing capacity. We have added not one, but two brand new Bobst Visionfold 110 A2 CS machines and two Handypack GT machines.

The Bobst Visionfolds arrived at our facility in January and became fully operational as of February 2022.

They will enable us to run at higher speeds and operate more efficiently as they provide us with much more needed capacity.

These latest Bobst Visionfolds have the following capacity:

  • UPC barcode reader - Will eliminate mixing SKU’s up.

  • Glue detection device that automatically checks if the glue is the correct location, has right amount of glue, or if there’s any glue at all.

  • Accuejet rejection device- Will automatically reject any non-conforming boxes.

  • HHS Cold and Hot Glue System with 16 channels and 8 guns.

Each Visionfold is equipped with the capacity to create four and six corner boxes at a maximum production speed of 22,000 boxes an hour. This improves our turnaround time. Regular straight line gluing can run at a maximum speed of 100,000 boxes an hour on each gluing line.These Visionfold’s will enhance our existing three Bobst folding/gluing machines.

The Handypack GT's- easy box collection increases our productivity of the folding/gluing process by collating the boxes after they have run through the Visionfolds.

These machines will bring extra capacity, improve our versatility, and add flexibility to our production floor. Contact us today to learn more for your next project.

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