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Our Equipment

Die Cutting, Embossing & Foil Stamping

Featured Machine - 

Bobst Blanker Die Cutter 106-LER 3.0

Die Cutter and Blanker

29" x 41"

  • 8,000 Sheets per hour

  • Optical Lateral Register for Perfect Registration

  • Blanker that strips the sheets - no hand stripping necessary

  • Allows die cut materials to go straight to high speed glue machines, for faster turnaround times


  • Maximum Sheet Size: 29 7/8" x 41 3/4 "

  • Minimum Sheet Size: 13 3/4" x 15 3/4"

  • Max. Thickness: 30 PT Board. 

  • Min. Thickness: 70lb Text

  • Maximum Speed: 8,000 sheets per hour

Automatic Folding and Gluing

Featured Machine - 

Bobst Brausse

Folding and Gluing


  • High Volume Straight Line

  • 4 x 6 Corner Right Angle Folder / Gluer

  • Back Fold Capabilities

  • Hot and Cold Glues


Featured Machine - 

Rile Cart B-599


  • High Speed Automatic Wire-O

  • 2:1 & 3:1 Per Inch

  • Binds 4,000 books per hour. 

  • binds double loop wire books with wire diameters from 5/16 to 1. 

  • Twin spools allow for a quick changeover. 

  • The machine may also be equipped with an in-line punch.

Window Patching 

Featured Machine - 

Heiber and Schroeder WP 1100

Window Patching


Add clear windows to packaging

Up to 72,000 pieces per hour

Flexible or Rigid Windows

Pick and Place Attachment


2 Up Production with double lane operation

Max Blank Size 43" x 40" 

Max Window Size 37" x 28"

Min Blank Size 4" x 3"

Min Window Size 2 1/4" x 1"

Max Thickness 34 pt

Min Thickness 10 pt

Ultra Violet Coatings & Film Lamination

Featured Machine - 

Sakurai 40" Silkscreen Press for UV Coatings

UV Coatings

28" x 40"


U.V. coating, or ultraviolet coating, is a very glossy, shiny liquid coating applied to a printed paper surface and cured  using ultraviolet light. The coating hardens, or cures when it is exposed to the ultra violet light.

  • Prints single color inks

  • Intricate spot gloss or matte U.V.

  • Glitter U.V.

  • Embossed (Raised)U.V.

  • Pearlescent U.V.

  • Dimensonal (Textured) U.V.

  • Thermocromatic  (Heat Sensitive) U.V.


Minimum Sheet Size - 14" x 20"

Maximum Sheet Size - 28" x 40"

Minimum Stock Weight - 70 lb Text

Maximum Stock Weight -32 Point Board

Inkjet System

Featured Machine - 

Kirk Rudy Inkjet System

Inkjet System

The only machine in America that can do this:

No need to guillotine your sheets to match the size of the inkjet machine. We can take your sheets to match the size of the machine. For example, we can take a 28"x40" sheet and print variable data on the 144 cards in one pass. We have a special dryer section to avoid off setting.


200,000 cards per hour.

Max. Size 30" x 45"

Min. Size 1" x 1.5"

Max. Stock Thickness 32 pt.

Min. Stock Thickness 6 pt.

Variable data on 144 cards- 12 x12 on one sheet using 12 ink jet heads.

Dryer section.

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