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New Print Finishing Equipment - New Capacity

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

We strive to provide best in class service to all of our customers, on every job. For us, that means a never-ending search for greater capacity, higher quality, and more efficiency for our customers. We follow new developments in printing technology and purchase state of the art equipment to meet our customer’s needs. We are pleased to announce that we have installed three brand new machines this year!

Bobst Novafoil 106 The only one in production worldwide
Bobst Novafoil 106- The only one in production worldwide.

Introducing…the Bobst NOVAFOIL 106 Hot Foil Stamper -the only one in production worldwide! Having this marvel in our new facility with a run speed of 7,500 sheets per hour, higher pressure and longer dwell time than the industry average, and foil saving technology for cost effectiveness, there really is no job that is too specialized or too large for us turn around quickly. The multi-foil, embossing, debossing, and die-cutting capabilities of the Bobst NOVAFOIL 106 means there are no barriers to bringing customer’s designs to life. We know how important distinctive packaging is for brands and we’re so excited to take design to new heights with this machine.

We seek out ways to increase the volume we can produce in every category and the second two machines we purchased this year help us do that with lamination and U.V. coatings. We’ve been so happy with the high capacity, high pressure, Ecosystem Quick 106 Thermal Film Laminator that we’ve brought in a second one! The pneumatically switched hydraulic pressure technology and the hot knife separator of this Italian-made system give branded materials a finish that telegraphs high production values.

To expand our specialty coatings capabilities, we’ve now got not one, but two Sakurai Silk Screen Presses.

With these two high precision machines, we can now produce a greater volume of materials with spot gloss, glitter, pearlescent, textured, and embossed finishes, all made possible with the ultraviolet light technology that dries a wide range of coatings instantly.

Contact us today to learn more for your next project.

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