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Our Print Finishing Services 

As a leader in the print finishing industry, we are proud to have completed thousands of jobs for our print customers. Perfect Finishing, Inc. is committed to consistently meeting and surpassing the expectations of all our customers and in support of this commitment we will maintain a certified, quality management system to comply with our stated procedures, ensuring the highest quality throughout our plant. The results of this is a safe environment for our well-trained staff, top of the line and well-maintained equipment and exacting production standards for all our jobs.

Below you will see our main areas of business. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

Foil Stamping & Embossing

We have invested top quality machinery for foil stamping and embossing and are known for our packaging finishes, especially for the following industries:

  • Cosmetic

  • Media

  • Healthcare

  • Pharmaceutical 

  • Food

  • Beverage

  • Manufacturing

  • Education

  • Publishing

We add the finishing touch to  everything from perfume boxes, special edition packaging, promotional material for media launches, look books, pharmaceutical packaging and other companies that need a unique, and polished packaging product.  We view foil stamping and embossing as an art, and not just as some machine process. We see ourselves as experts and the creator of masterpieces for our clients.


Special UV Coatings & Film Lamination

Need a special finish for your packaging, books, catalogs or folders? We are experts in UV coatings and film lamination that can add these beautiful finishes:

  • Intricate spot glosses or matte finishes

  • Glitter

  • Thermo-chromatic (Heat-Sensitive)

  • Pearlescent

  • Dimensional  (Textured)

  • Embossed (Raised)

  • Antibacterial *

Antibacterial Film Finishes *

  • The film's formula eliminates 99% of bacteria and microbes that enter into contact with the film surface by stopping them from reproducing

  • The AM agent binds to the cell wall disrupting growth

  • The AM agents "silver ions" interfere with enzyme production, stopping the cell

  • The agent interrupts the cells DNA, preventing replication    

  • The agent is effective against antibiotic resistant bacteria

  • The polymer can be recycled

  • The agent is incorporated in the film and is of permanent duration  

  • This film has been tested according to ISO standards

  • Technologically safe for use in food, medical, water applications

  • Gloss and Matte finishes

  • Thickness: 1.3 mil, 3 mil, 5 mil, 10 mil

  • Does film replace the need for cleaning?

No, it protects the surface in-between the cleanings, raising the hygiene surface standard. 

  • Does the Agent kill "Corona and other viruses?

TBD. It reduces the lifetime/duration of the norovirus, but further testing needs to be done.

  • How do I clean the surface?

The film can be cleaned with harsh cleaners and the process of eliminating bacteria is imbedded in the base film and continues to protect the product for its intended lifetime. 

Film Lamination - Wet & Thermal

•    Matte & Gloss OPP Film

•    Soft Touch Matte OPP Film

•    Scuff Free Matte Film OPP Film

•    Matte, Gloss & Satin Polyester Film

•    Matte & Gloss Lay Flat (Nylon) Film

•    Glueable & Stampable Film

•    Matte & Gloss Rigid Film - 3 mil, 5 mil or 10 mil

We maintain a large inventory of flexible and rigid film for quick turnaround of lamination projects.


Folding and Gluing


Our folding and gluing machinery have a high capacity, with up to 60,000 pieces per hour being completed and ready for distribution.

We can handle large jobs within a short period of time, with multiple sizes and different weight stocks.

Once we are supplied with the printed packaging for us to fold and glue, the job is completed quickly, ready for shipping to the customer, for an on time project.


We have over 30 different machines to handle different types of binding from plastic spiral binding, Wire-O binding, and side or saddle stitching

Window Patching

After the packaging has been die cut by us, we can add windowing to the packaging so that the final product can be seen by the end consumer. Perfect for beverage, food, media or cosmetic packaging. After windowing, each box was then folded and glued by us.

Die Cutting

Our high capacity blanker die cutter machine cuts the packaging to the right shape, stripping away the excess waste and preparing for the next step of the print finishing process, whether that is gluing and folding, windowing or binding.

We use our in-house die making capabilities to speed up the process and control the quality of the finished product. 

Contact us today for the highest quality job at the best prices.