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New Laminating Machine Adds Capacity

Perfect Finishing is proud and excited to announce the acquisition of a brand new Ecosystem Quick 106 laminating machine, which is now fully operational.

It will enable us to run at higher speeds and operate more efficiently, as it provides us with additional needed capacity. This machine will enhance our existing two Billhofer Film Laminators.

Our latest Ecosystem Film Laminator has the following capacity:

- Running speed 6500 sheets per hour on a 29"X 41" sheet size.

- Maximum sheet size is 41.S"X 56"

- Minimum sheet size is 8.5"X 10"

- This machine is equipped with hot knife technology which will allow us to

separate any type of film available.

The Ecosystem Quick 106 Film Laminator will improve our versatility and adds flexibility to our production floor. Next time you have a big lamination job, be assured that we will be able to handle it. Contact us at for a quote for your next job.

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