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Covid-19 Update On Our Re-Opening

After the initial two week lock down in late March and early April, Perfect Finishing adopted new procedures to keep our staff and facility safe. We hired a professional cleaning company to sterilize our entire building. We also came up with a plan to bring back our staff safely, which entailed installing hand sanitizers throughout the building, arranging our facility to keep our co-workers six feet apart to meet CDC guidelines, and implemented the use of protective masks covering their mouth and nose at all times.

We have a designated co­-worker on each shift that are constantly sanitizing high touch areas, as well as refilling the hand sanitizer dispensers.

We call our staff back according to our work load. We are working at getting back to full capacity. Our turnaround times haven't changed from pre Covid- 19 because we constantly monitor projects that we have in house, and also schedule projects coming in. We are operating from early morning and into the late evening, over 2 shifts, to ensure that we meet social distancing requirements and meet customer deadlines.

All vendors and sales people must call for an appointment before arriving at our facility. No one is allowed to enter our facility without a mask and a Perfect Finishing employee as an escort. We will provide any personal protective equipment (PPE) if you do not have your own.

Perfect Finishing will do our part to keep you and our employees safe. Thank you for your understanding and support during these challenging times.

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