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The Print Finishing Company For All Your Needs

Perfect Finishing is one of the top full-service print finishing companies in the USA, fulfilling the needs of printers and product design companies to perfect the foil stamping, embossing, die-cutting, windowing, gluing or binding of all kinds of product packaging and print materials.

We specialize in packaging for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industry, but work with a wide variety of customers who have print packaging needs. We specialize in UV coatings such as spot gloss, pearlescent, glow-in-the -dark, glitter, and even thermocromatic heat-sensitive coatings. We pride ourselves of finishing ahead of schedule, under budget and with the highest quality workmanship that makes your product look, not just good, but great!

Our Services

Automatic Folding & Gluing

Our folding and gluing machinery have a high capacity, with up to 60,000 pieces per hour being completed and ready for distribution.

We can handle large jobs within a short period of time, with multiple sizes and different weight stocks.

Once we are supplied with the printed pieces for us to fold and glue, the job is completed quickly, ready for  shipping to the customer, for an on time project.


About  Perfect Finishing


Headquartered In New Jersey

Perfect Finishing was created in 2006 with the acquisition of an existing print finishing company by the holding company Aladdin Finishing,  putting together the best of management and staff to create the top full-service print finishing company you see today. We are located just 30 minutes from New York City and an hour and a half from Philadelphia.

In 2015, we broke ground on a new two story facility adjacent to the current headquarters to keep pace with the ever growing demand for high quality print finishing.

In keeping with our growth strategy, in 2019 we began the construction of a new adjacent facility adding another 30,000 Sq.Ft to our capacity. This plant opened in Fall 2020 and took the total plant size to 80,000 Sq. Ft.  This ensured that we could continue to expand to meet demand, and to house the best print finishing machinery available.

What  Our Customers Say

I have been working with Perfect Finishing for over 15 years and they have always provided excellent quality and service.

Frank Caruso

Vice-President Production & Customer Service

Phoenix Lithographing Corporation

Bruce does a great job overseeing his team and making sure the client is satisfied.

I look forward to a long and excellent working relationship with Perfect Finishing knowing that I am in good hands.

They help you plan a project and will create initial mockups to help visualize it.  Once they have the job in-house, they have great equipment and personnel to ensure that your project is being produced at the highest level of quality.

Bruce, Tom, Joe and the entire team at Perfect Finishing have always been very professional and great to work with. They make it easy to place your work with them.  Whether it's Tom, who stops by our office if we need to review a project or to deliver samples;  or Joe, who is great at planning jobs and works with you throughout the entire process to make sure everything is going smoothly.

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